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Only servers of the highest quality can provide all three.

The high-quality Cisco / VMware vSphere Private Cloud platform used by our company provides an availability of service equivalent to 2 redundant application servers. As we are available 24 hours to fix any problems with our servers, we can offer an impressive 99.9% annual uptime. Based on our past 5 years of experience, it provides similar scalability and lower costs than the services of the largest cloud providers, yet gives higher availability and more direct access.


If your application requires stronger hardware, you don't have to wait for days to migrate and deal with copying data. Our upgrade is seamless and takes only a couple of hours.

24/7 99.9%

We are available for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and nearly 100% of the year.

Data security

The data of your business is safe. It is periodically backed up and can be easily restored in case it was erased due to software error.

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Those who have placed their trust in us

What our clients say about us

As we're always striving for a long-term partnership, we believe in honesty. It's important for us that partners and clients feel our cooperation brings them success.

Weiler Péter

“We've been developing Hungary's largest dating site, Randivonal, for twenty years with Webinform. In addition to dealing with programming, they have been our partners in the continuous improvement of business processes as well as user experience. Their level of service went above and beyond a standard relationship between a client and a service provider. In our experience, Webinform is a fully trustworthy and professional partner.”

Péter Weiler

CEO, Dating Central Europe Zrt.

Grégász Zsolt

"We've been working with them on many projects over countless years. They are reliable, accurate, always available, at fair market prices, and last but not least, provide excellent quality. We can count on them for advice even when not directly working with them. I'd wholeheartedly recommend them - as we've already done several times before."

Zsolt Grégász

CoFounder redStars / Arcus Grup / Filter

Sos Erik

“In terms of value for your money it's the best service I've seen on the local market. And I've never had to worry about losing sleep due to deadlines. :-)”

Erik Sós

Head of Marketing and Business Development, Habostorta.hu

Nyitrai László

"We often put our projects out to tender, and even work with other companies, but we always come back to Webinform."

László Nyitrai

CTO, Central Media

Porkoláb Dávid

“In all our joint projects, they keep delivering the maximum professional value without compromise. It is an honor to have been working together for almost 5 years.”

Dávid Porkoláb

Erste Bank Hungary Zrt. Head of Digital Marketing Solutions

Répássy Zsuzsanna

"They say it's no longer worth doing business these days without internal developers. We've done it and have no regrets. We know we can rely on their expertise, knowledge, and solution-focused ideas. They do it in a coordinated, timely, and efficient manner."

Zsuzsanna Répássy

ittaSzezon! CoFounder

Schuch Lili

“It was a pleasure working together - a professional, helpful team with whom we made a super webshop. István was available at a moment's notice and, along with the developers, met our requests very quickly. I strongly recommend them!”

Lili Schuch


Porkoláb Dávid

“We have been working with the Webinform team for almost 3 years now. My colleagues and I love working with them because they handle our individual needs flexibly and accurately, respond rapidly to our requests, and contribute their own ideas to the success of our webshop. Last but not least, we don't need to speak the language of IT to understand each other!”

Dr Richard Andrejszki

CEO, Chef Market Zrt.

Gulyás Attila

”Regardless of the task, Webinform solved our problems quickly and constructively. I'd highlight that they focused not only on the specific request, but also the impact of possible modifications with a wholistic approach, based on up-to-date market trends.”

Attila Gulyás

Cafe Communications

Ofcianka Balázs

“One of our best and most reliable suppliers for over five years now! In many cases, their professional skills have saved precious time for our bank. They are flexible, reliable, and forward-looking. They have the ability to think like a bank.”

Balázs Ofczianka

Erste Bank Hungary Zrt. former Head of Digital Marketing Solutions

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What we are proud of

Játéksziget online toy shop

One of the largest domestic toy webshops in Hungary, equipped with a working Magento webshop engine, could not withstand the increased load during the Christmas season. Thanks to the new webshop engine we developed, it is now up to ten times faster while using one-tenth of the resources, serving the user's needs easily and reliably.


For a startup, we developed a news portal initially known as Toptalq, which broke with the standard approach by presenting each news topic on a timeline. In 2017, the innovative site was awarded the title for "Homepage of the Year".


Our company has been developing the website of the leading dating portal in Hungary almost from its beginnings, spanning a history of nearly 20 years. Our continuous improvement has made the 100GB database extremely fast and cost-effective, with minimal resources and close to 100% uptime.

Central Media

For over 15 years, we have been developing Payment Gateway solutions as well as online payment system integrations. Our focus has been on online services, webshops, and market-leading media companies and services like Central Media Group, Cellum Zrt., and the largest Hungarian dating site, randivonal.hu.

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